How Can You Help?

There are several ways that you can help:

A. You can go to our “Charities” page, read about each charity, and then click the link of one you feel provides a service you wish to support.

B. You can review the “Warrior Safari” page and then donate funds through any of the   buttons (including this one). All funds collected through this link will go towards paying for an emotional healing safari for a service member of one of our military charity organizations. When we are successful enough we would like to send one from each of the charities. With your donation you have a chance to win your own safari.

C. You can support the success of the trip itself by visiting the “About Us” page where you can read about Chris and Celine. You will also find a x-click-but21 button that allows you to help fund the logistics of the trip. The logistics do not just include fuel, food, and water, but also go to help cover the costs of supplies that we will give directly to those less fortunate that we meet along the way.

D. You can forward links for “For Hope and Healing” to people you know. You can talk about our trip in your churches, youth groups, social networks, video game networks, etc.

E. You can also sponsor portions of our trip by contacting

Thank you all for responding in any way you feel led.

Chris and Celine

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