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Carnet de Passage en Douane

We struggled with the decision to get a Carnet de Passage en Douane, but before I get into that, here is a brief description from the Canadian Automobile Association: The Carnet can […]

New charity!

We are representing a new charity: Warfighter Made was founded by Brian Meyer, Butch Lynch, and Robert Blanton. While I personally have not been helped by this organization I am […]

New Sponsor – 4x4xFaz

We purchased the truck from Faz in Oxford about a year ago. He has been a tremendous help with getting inspections done and properly registering the truck in the United […]

Hope – Don’t give up

Someone was searching for “motivation for hopeless people” and came across our site. Listen if you are out there: There is hope and a future for you! I was where […]

Plan update

I have many updates that I need to detail over the next few weeks. This post is just a synopsis of those updates. After crossing the desert in Morocco we […]

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