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How deep is your faith?

He lay in the filthy street, with matted black hair and beard, lifeless, white-washed eyes, as if a cloud of milk were injected into the ocular fluid. His mouth was […]

My time hiding from Saul

The dry air, and stifling heat were oppressive inside the tent; which drooped in places and had warn holes in others. The burlap canvas stunk of dirt and age. The […]

Check out… My Community Notice Board uses the Hedzup messenger application to inform you of various events going on in your community. Information about missing dogs and concerts can be delivered directly […]

Battery System Update

UPDATE: The Optima batteries have been exactly what we need. They were completely depleted during the shipping process and I was able to roll-start the truck and recharge both batteries […]


A lot of things have happened in the past few months. Since leaving Morocco we headed back into Europe and visited family in Ireland and Germany. Ferries heading to Egypt closed […]


We have partnered with Hedzup and Syrepu to help with funding our effort. Through the purchase of their applications we receive support from each company. Please use their apps and help […]

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