All true hope is found in Jesus Christ. We share hope by giving people the gospel of peace, bringing them into the presence of God, and through the demonstration of His love and His power. Hope is the beginning of faith, and as we share the hope found in Jesus, He demonstrates His trustworthy nature by demonstrating His power to break the chains of spiritual bondage and destroying all the works of the devil.


Jesus Christ is the perfect imprint of the nature of God. If we desire to know the nature of the Lord, and His willingness to care for us, we need look no further than the life of Christ. Jesus Christ, taught, preached the gospel of the kingdom, healed the sick, and drove out demons; giving people perfect freedom. He has given us His Holy Spirit and directed us to continue His work. When we have preached the gospel with boldness, we firmly believe in the promise of Jesus Christ to confirm His word of grace through His healing hand and through signs and wonders.

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