The, not yet named, 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

The, not yet named, 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

The truck is purchased and is at Land Cruiser Services in Ergste Germany. It’s just a baby Cruiser now, it’s potential hidden for 16 years. It will look a lot different when the preparation is finished. We bought it in Oxford, UK from 4X4XFaz and took it by ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, France. From their we drove it through Belgium, The Netherlands, and into Germany. It has gotten a complete brake, axle, and differential overhaul, as well as an upgrade to the suspension and tires. This is necessary to give the truck better clearance, to handle rough terrain with less chance of suspension overheat and failure, and to ensure that the truck will successfully carry us, and all of our supplies for the entire journey. We opted for the Koni Heavy Track Raid suspension as it has been thoroughly tested all across and around Australia and Africa, and neither overheated (driving on long and heavy corrugation), nor failed. These shocks should work perfectly for the type and amount of travel that we will do. We also chose the BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, and opted to stay with aluminum rims. This is an area of much argument on 4X4 sites – steel rims or aluminum rims? The aluminum are actually stronger (depending on how they are cast). However, steel rims can be easily bent back into place if they do get damaged from a hard hit. My plan is to rely more on my driving abilities and the strength of the equipment. If the aluminum breaks then there are an abundance of steel rims in Africa. We’ll see if that was the correct choice.

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