New Sponsor!

We are working out the last few details with Taubenreuther GmbH to outfit our truck for us. After searching Germany and a few surrounding countries for a company capable of professionally outfitting a Land Cruiser for an African overland trip, we discovered Taubenreuther. Their webpage is extremely well done, and the browsing and shopping experience is seamless. They keep two websites, one is the company site that covers various projects, workshops, and fairs they hold or attend and the other is their shop, which showcases a huge selection of 4X4 upgrades and accessories. The attention to detail paid to their website, it’s active stock indicators, and the responsiveness of the staff (I placed a test order) all displayed an efficient and professional company. I decided to write Mr. Taubenreuther an email to let him know about our mission and charities. After a few days of review he responded positively. His team inspected our list of requested items and immediately made excellent suggestions to improve it, helping to ensure we have all the tools necessary to accomplish our task. I am very pleased with the relationship we are developing. Celine and I look forward to working with the Taubenreuther Team and are excited about how things are progressing. As we move forward I will keep you updated and will do my best to cover installation of the upgrades to our truck. Once on the road I will write detailed reviews of each piece of gear, as I know we will have the opportunity to use each item.

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