Progress notes

I’ll be updating progress and some of the equipment decisions this week. Most likely, much of it will be written tomorrow. Topics include a new sponsor and some of the equipment we will be testing. Highlights: Expedition Lighting Systems light bars (as previously mentioned) and a modular roof rack built specifically for our 80 by Shane at LabRaks (more information to come). I am also going to post an equipment list and do my best to reference forum writers with the Land Cruiser Club’s of Europe and Southern Africa as well as those suggestions made by our sponsors. Furthermore, I will let you know what is going on with our charity organizations. We are doing our best to include our brothers from the UK, and have contacted Help for Heroes to ask if we can represent them as well. We actually visited Tedworth House just after picking up our truck and will share the video we shot of the building they are constructing for their service members there (You may also see their official video linked to the name). I also recently penned a letter to the Jacaranda Children’s Home in South Africa. It is a domicile for abused and abandoned children. Some of its funding was just cut. We believe that all children should have an opportunity to make their own life and to live out their dreams. That can’t happen without some form of adult supervision, education and nutrition. Our thoughts are that if we choose a variety of charities that we believe in, with a good international distribution that this will increase the individual exposure of each charity to the world community. Help us do that!

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