Roof Rack

We and ELS are working with LabRak to design our roof storage and lighting needs. Both companies have been extremely giving, professional, and outgoing. They are as excited to help as we are to go. I had a conference call with them on Saturday so they could ask about our needs, and assist us in designing a setup that will exceed them. The rack system will be a modular setup with full roof coverage. Not only is it strong, proved by the owner driving his 100-series Land Cruiser onto it while it was leaned against a wall, but light in weight due to its aluminum construction. It will hold a rooftop tent, can fit  seven jerry cans across its width, with a carrier design that places the platform lower under the rack with padding and a securing system. The rack system is also capable of mounting the Hi-lift Jack, a shovel, fishing pole, axe, and pelican cases. Not that we’ll have all of those things, but it is sure nice to have the options. The rack is also designed to house the ELS lighting system in a variety of configurations, so the two products complement each other. We are looking forward to sharing what they design for us and then beating it all up a bit to let you know just how good they are. Updates forthcoming!

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