Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, I had a mini-adventure here in Germany. A smaller than microscopic virus of some sort got hold of me day before yesterday and in about six hours I was so sick and dehydrated that I couldn’t walk. I had to go to the hospital where I got medicine and a good nights sleep. I am still recovering, and feel almost “hundreds” again. We will be taking the truck to Taubenreuther GmbH on the 27th. Bernd Taubenreuther and his purchaser Christopher have been working hard to ensure all the parts, gear, and upgrades we need will be on sight and ready to go when we show up. We feel confident in their abilities as the 80-Series Land Cruiser used to be their company vehicle. Taubenreuther is an ISO 9001:2008 company and equips commercial, emergency rescue services, and military vehicles with high quality brand products such as Old Man Emu, Warn, and ARB. The Taubenreuther team conducts training courses and exchanges with their partner organizations to ensure the latest technical knowledge is available to advise customers. So, you can see why we are excited to head south to their facility. I will post plenty of before and after pictures as well as writing about what they advise and how the installations go.

Furthermore, in about three-weeks the lights from Expedition Lighting Systems should be here in Germany! George and Nick Callum have been continuously available for questions, and have been hard a work designing a system to fit our needs. We look forward to seeing what they unveil for us when the shipment arrives at Taubenreuther in the coming weeks. While your on the internet please checkout the updates to Expedition Lighting Systems website.

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