Recovery equipment is vital when traveling off improved surfaces. The further you go and the less improve the surface is the higher chance there is of getting stuck due to all of the variables that may be involved. Even a dirt path can become trouble if a heavy rain pours and your miles down the track.

Having the equipment isn’t enough either, you must now how to use it, practiced with it, and have good, solid, reliable attachments points on your vehicle as well as a point to recover to (tree, manufactured anchor, spare wheel, other vehicle). The following pictures were provided to me by Andre Nel whom I met (virtually) on the Land Cruiser Club Southern Africa. Andre either owns or manages C-Group in South Africa which provides end users with custom lifting equipment and 4×4 accessories. He also sent the flow chart that can be found just below the pictures. The chart is meant to assist the reader in figuring and understanding the amount of stress added to a recovery when you take the vehicle’s weight and add drag and gradient resistance. This provides a more complete picture when you are considering winch size and the need for snatch blocks. I am finding the chart quite helpful and user friendly.


I’ll add to the recovery page as we finalize our pack out.

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