Moving Forward Soon

The roof rack from Shane over at LabRak arrived at Taubenreuther today at 1130 a.m. Kulmbach, Germany time. Along with the rack and spare parts were the rest of the lights provided by Expedition Lighting Systems. Shane had them to insure that the light mounts would fit the rack properly. Bernd at Taubenreuther says the truck is about 90% complete. I will review the parts we chose individually, but here is a list while you wait.

We went with many items from ARB, which included their front bull bar and rear bumper along with the rear jerry can holder and spare wheel carrier. On the front is a Warn 9500 lb. winch, and under the hood are two new Optima yellow top batteries. There is an IBS dual battery system, controller, and monitor and a third yellow top in the rear of the truck. We had N4 bash plates put in to protect the steering rods, and both differentials. There is a 160l Long Ranger auxiliary fuel tank where the spare was originally (under the tail). Inside we have a 70l ARB fridge/freezer, and African Outback drawer system and a cargo cage. We will be carrying several tools and various recovery equipment in the form of a Hi-Lift jack, shackles, snatch blocks, cable blanket, tow and snatch straps, cable lengthening strap, Bushranger Sand Tracks, a shovel, tire repair kit, valve core remover, and an ARB compressor.

I will provide pictures and reviews of each item as it is used. We will be heading from Kulmbach southwest to Morocco where we will test the build and arrange things for the overland trip across Africa.

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