Plan update

I have many updates that I need to detail over the next few weeks. This post is just a synopsis of those updates. After crossing the desert in Morocco we spent 1 month in El Jadida learning from our friend, Nordinne who is an amazing professor of religion. Upon our departure from Morocco, our experiment with expired customs plates replaced with fake plates failed nearly landing us in Spanish prison. We raced across Europe to visit family in Ireland. Faz of 4x4xFaz was able to help us get the truck registered properly (now a UK truck). After leaving Ireland we headed back to Germany to research our options as Northern Africa has become impassable. We met a nice couple in Morocco (Ben and Alex) who traveled down the West Coast of Africa and were denied entry into the Democratic Republic of Congo. They decided to ship their vehicle back and within 30 miles of the port were t-boned by a taxi, totaling there truck. It turned out to be a blessing as the police totaled the car, the country waved them import fees, the Carnet was cleared, and they were able to sell it and break even. The point for us is that we can’t get through DRC. We were planning on the Eastern route any ways, but found out the ferry from Turkey is shut down. It’s a shame as we have a contact in Egypt we were hoping to meet and spend time with. We’ll meet up with him later in our trip. Being from the U.s. puts further limitations on options as there are a few countries that bar U.S. citizens entry. So we have made arrangements with a clearing agent in South Africa (Duncan) and are shipping the truck to Cape Town September 12th. We’ll meet her again when she sails in on October 7th. Our route remains the same it will just be backwards and we will go South to North and then back. We got our Carnet de Passage and it covers all of the Southern and Eastern countries so we are clear for takeoff.

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