New charity!

We are representing a new charity:

Warfighter Made was founded by Brian Meyer, Butch Lynch, and Robert Blanton. While I personally have not been helped by this organization I am a friend and Recon Brother of Robert Blanton. I met Rob at 1st Force Recon Co. While we were in different platoons, he and I deployed together with the Company in 2003. Rob and I crossed paths again when we were each instructors with the III MEF Special Operations Training Group. He and I worked in the same section and challenged each other in unique ways. Rob moved on to be a Platoon Sergeant with 3rd Recon Battalion, deploying to Iraq with several other friends and receiving the Silver Star. Rob and the other co-founders of Warfighter Made are helping my physically and emotionally wounded brothers and I wish to support them in their journey. – Chris

Warfighter Made assists our veterans in three ways:

1) We modify, adapt, and customize a combat wounded service member’s or veteran’s vehicle, so they can continue doing the things they enjoy, while their vehicle directly reflects their individual personality.

2) We invite injured and combat wounded service members and veterans to participate in the build of a Warfighter Made owned project. Once completed, Warfighter Made funds those individuals to participate in events, shows, and races, to show the world their accomplishments. Eventually the project will be auctioned off as a “Warfighter Made Vehicle”, with all proceeds going back to the Warfighter Made Project Fund.

3) We work with other like minded nonprofits to ensure the service member and veteran gets the best experience possible.

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