The Tilbury drop and on to Cape Town

We dropped the truck off in Tilbury, United Kingdom to be loaded into a 40′ High Cube container. She’ll be riding with Marius De Kock’s beautiful Land Cruiser “Sundance”. We had a previously scheduled flight to Cape Town so we left our truck with the shipping company on the 6th. Marius decided to bring his truck back the following Monday (the 9th), because that is the day the trucks will actually be loaded into the container.

Out truck with "Sundance"
Our truck with “Sundance”

Celine - Chris - the trucks

Celine and I flew out of London Gatwick on Emarites Airlines on the 6th. We arrived in Cape Town on the 7th, collected our rental car, and headed to the cottage we will be staying in until the truck arrives on the 7th of October. We received an email on the 9th from Marius letting us know the trucks were loaded successfully and he even sent a picture of ours on the ramp.

Crate loading in Tilbury for the long trip South.
Truck being loaded in Tilbury for the long trip South.
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