A lot of things have happened in the past few months. Since leaving Morocco we headed back into Europe and visited family in Ireland and Germany. Ferries heading to Egypt closed so we decided to ship the truck. We utilized a clearing agent from Cape Town and shipped with a South African returning home from the UK. The truck arrived safely in Cape Town. We spent many months in South Africa traveling back and forth between Cape Town and Hoedspruit in the Northeast. After returning to Cape Town we took a trip to the United States so that I could take care of some medical issues. We are now back in South Africa, have travelled once again to Hoedspruit, and will be heading back to Cape Town mid-next month. Most of this time, besides site seeing has been spent traveling with various missions organizations, like Children’s Cup, and fostering new relationships with various people and organizations. We are at work rewriting our mission statement to addd clarity and specificity to it. With new partners and more clarity on planed for the future, our trip will have more purpose and backing.

A reminder that, if you wish to support our efforts, rather than direct donations, you may purchase applications from Hedzup and Syrepu, whom will provide a percentage to our mission.

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