The source of Hope and the hand which provides Healing

In times when worlds are torn apart, when the infrastructure of nations are failing, when war is destroying societies, when sickness seems to have no cure we need hope, and people’s hearts, bodies, and minds need healing. Families, cities, nations, continents, and the earth need healing. Giving a hand or committing to a social program to aid in a single area only treats the symptom of the foundational problem. Destruction comes from the fallen heart of man. Each person’s selfish desire to survive, succeed, and protect family and friends so that their clan can flourish eventually treads on the rights and the dreams of other humans. If one area is treated the disease just grows stronger in another. To cure the sickness of this world the heart of men must change. How is this possible? Intellectual argument certainly won’t do it. There are hundreds of self-proclaimed experts continuously breathing out their opinions to the suffering and the poor. Opinions don’t feed people, they don’t clothe or shelter people. The only thing capable of penetrating the heart of any man is love. If we could allow ourselves to be compelled by love, our actions would provide selfless services to others. Love would allow us the grace to forgive. Forgiveness is not for those whom fault us, but is a gift of healing for our hearts. Love and forgiveness destroy the cancer called hate that grows in us. Hate destroys us, our lives, and poisons our relationships. Hate creates environments that must be ruled by fear. Love creates peace, understanding, selflessness, forgiveness, and kindness that seeks no return. Stress and anxiety are a major cause of illness. Love destroys anxiety. Be anxious for nothing. Fear is punishment. Love drives away fear and anxiety, and it lends peace. We cannot control others, but we can control ourselves. Discipline yourself to love. Return hate with kindness. Speak uplifting words to those around you. Love others and find healing. Love and foster hope. Seek the continuous source of love. The source is a wellspring of life. Those that find it are never thirsty.

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