Block Diagram of Scripture

Romans 8:1-8 KJV (182 words, 1 paragraph)

No condemnation

8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation

____________________to them which are {1}in Christ Jesus

____________________who walk

_______________________not after the {2}flesh,

_______________________ {1}but after the Spirit.

Freedom from the Law

8:2 For the {1}law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free

__________________from the {3}law

_________________________of sin and death.

Condemnation of sin

8:3 For what the {3}law could not do,

____________in that it was weak

______________________{2}through the flesh,

God sending his own Son (a)→ . . . condemned {2}sin in the flesh(b)→

(a)→. . . in the likeness of {2}sinful flesh, and for sin,

___8:4 (b)→That the righteousness of the {3}law

________________might be fulfilled in us,

_____________________________who walk not after the {2}flesh,

_____________________________but after the {1}Spirit.

The Flesh and the Spirit

8:5 For they that are {2}after the flesh

______________do mind the things of the flesh;

{1}but they that are after the Spirit

___________________the things of the Spirit.

The Carnal Mind

8:6 For to be {2}carnally minded

__________is death;

{1}but to be spiritually minded

_________ is life and peace.

8:7Because the{2}carnal mind

___________is enmity against God:

___________for it is not subject to the {3}law of God,

_________________neither indeed can be.

8:8 So then they that are {2}in the flesh

__________________cannot please God.

Numbered items are running themes:

{1} In the Spirit; In Christ

{2} In the Flesh; Under the Mosaic Law

{3} Mosaic Law

→Goes with; Go together

. . . Pulled from the order of the text

Main Point

Sub Point

All else is supporting element of either sub points or main points

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