For His Glory

          We have begun a Pauline style journey to every nation in Africa. We have partnered with Judea Harvest, a 501c3, in order to reach the “man of peace” in every province of every nation in Africa, in order to disciple him into a church planter. We need to raise funds for Bibles, audio-Bibles, training materials, and a trailer.
          Since we all like t-shirts, I designed a special one for my Recon Marine, SARC, and Raider brothers. The Hebrew says “For the Glory of the Lord.” The proceeds go directly to our missions support account. Thank you for your help, and I pray the Lord blesses each of you and keeps your minds, bodies, and spirits healthy for His purposes.
Chris “Shifty” Brennan
4th Marines Recon Platoon
3rd Recon Company
1st Force Recon Company
If you are a Recon Marine, SARC, Raider or family member check the link below:

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