The Zambia Harvest


We will be working in Zambia with the Leya, Subiya, Shanjo, Mashi, Simaa, Ndundulu, Imilangu, and Lozi tribes. This is accomplished through the discipleship and training of identified “son’s of peace” (Luke 10) within an 800 sq km area in southwestern Zambia, near the borders with Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola. We will uitlize the John Journey method of discipleship developed by Judea Harvest as well as the Gospel of John translated into the local language, audio Bibles, reference Crosses that represent our relationship with God, our separationg from sin, our relationship to the Body and our relationship to those who do not share an intimacy with Jesus Christ. We will stay in the area, helping to develop leaders and church planters. The effect will be saturation church planting (home churhes) throughout the 800 sq km area, that will lead to the establishment of a strategic local church from which similar evangelism and church planting can take place.

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