The Power of the Holy Spirit and Baptism

Many of you know me. I am a regular guy. I want you to see the power of the Holy Spirt at work through us when we are simply obedient. This is Christ bearing witness to the truth of His Word.

Celine, CJ, Stefan and I met PD over in Johannesburg for preaching prayer and baptism. Those who accept Christ are immediately baptized. They die with Christ and arise with Christ. Immediately we pray for their freedom and deliverance from anything binding them. Some people begin to manifest demons as soon as they get in the water, others once we would pray for their deliverance. We pray until there is peace within them, and then we continue to pray for the to receive the Holy Spirit. This is all done right away. There is no waiting. This is the freedom found in Christ Jesus. There is only one name by which a man can be saved – Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

2 Comments on “The Power of the Holy Spirit and Baptism

  1. Amen. I believe this is how Father always intended it to be.

    Love you all.



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