Truth – Healing – Deliverance – Freedom

We all have to start somewhere. I realize that professional video equipment has become more affordable and accessible, but I felt the importance of this message outweighed the time it would take to purchase and learn the use of such equipment. I hope you can forgive the quality of this and future videos as I learn more about the art of making them.

This is a simple explanation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, an opportunity to respond, and prayer for healing and deliverance. If you need physical healing, do not be afraid to fast forward to the end of the video and receive the prayer. Healing is one way that Jesus shows people that He is alive and that He loves them. Included is also prayer for deliverance for any of you who suspect that you have any sort of demonic oppression in your life. In ministry, we have experienced people receiving healing from Jesus Christ over Facebook Messenger and Skype. Recently a friend prayed through Skype for someone to receive deliverance. Jesus is not bound by time, space, or the medium by which we present Him. Hear, receive, believe and experience the freedom that is found in Jesus, the Christ. The kingdom of God has come near you today.

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