Help needed with the Liliachi Church Plant

This mission trains and empowers local leaders to plant churches. We connect with the person of peace as described in Luke 10, and equip and encourage them to plant  many house churches in their area of influence. As these house churches grow in number and attendance, we work with Judea Harvest to build a strategic center (local church building) for them to launch new church planters from. The local believers raise a portion of the money required for material, and Judea Harvest subsidizes the rest of the cost and helps the local leaders with construction oversight. This method empowers the local leaders and gives ownership to the congregation.

We worked with Patrick Wamundela of the United Apostolic Faith Church to plant a new church in Liliachi, Western Zambia. Liliachi will become the seat of government for the new province in Western Zambia, and will be home to government officials and their families. Construction of offices has begun as well as a 2000 student boarding school. This church is the only one in the area, and will serve this new community of influence as well as becoming a strategic launch point for evangelists and church planters heading for Angola, and the southern part of Congo. This project is currently $2000 short. Basically, the frame has been constructed, but the roof and walls are lacking. We will be going their to organize the construction efforts. If you would like to sow into a project that directly expands the kingdom of God, and reaches widows and orphans living in extreme poverty, and is in direct contact with unreached peoples then this is a project I recommend.

Prayers, volunteers, and resources are all welcome. Give as prompted by the Spirit.

Project Highlights:

Eases the suffering of the people. Each church develops a youth ministry ad program and grows into a Hope Center that feeds and educates children. A borehole (water well) will be dug and food donated through various church and organizations.

A church building will be constructed moving a congregation from meeting under trees into an enclosed building. This church will be a center for training new church planters who will enter in Angola to the west, and Congo to the north.

This church is the first and only church in a several hundred kilometer radius, and is located in the vicinity of the new seat of power for the province. It will also have access to a 2000 student boarding school.

Donations can be made through our website. Please write Liliachi #561 in comment areas for monetary donations. You may also go the the Judea Harvest website and give directly to them.

To give through Hope and Healing, follow this link:

How Can You Help?

To give through Judea Harvest, follow this link:

Judea Harvest

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