Our next chapter…

Hello friends,

Visiting family in Germany

As we travel between the United States and Southern Africa, we visit family in a small village known as Ergste. The photo above is the Saint John’s Evangelical church; our church when in Germany. Celine’s mother lives about 200 meters from this church. The first few times we visited Germany, we found the churches to be very traditional, and the attendees elderly. In the last year we have seen God doing a mighty work in the youth.

As many of you know we attended a seminar in Hannover where many came to Christ, were delivered, healed, and baptized. Western societies need Christ as much as third world countries. In fact, it seems more difficult to follow Christ in places where every need is met instantly. There are deeper needs that the world cannot meet, and it is those needs that bring people to the foot of the cross.

Cape Town

We will arrive in Cape Town, South Africa on April 13th. We will be staying at Yebo Life’s Safe Haven mission house overlooking False Bay. Go and read up on this wonderful local ministry at https://www.yebo-life.com/. In Cape Town we will also be meeting with the General Overseer for the United Apostolic Faith Church that covers most of Souther Africa. This meeting is to solidify near-term strategy for current church plants going on in Western Zambia and Angola. We will also be introduced to a medical ministry working in Egypt, Sudan, and Eritrea to consider partnership with them.


We will leave for Pretoria South Africa on April 21st. We will drive our Land Cruiser north through the Karoo and arrive in pretoria around the 24th or 25th. We need to update the registration for our truck and pickup our overland trailer. We will be staying at Judea Harvest’s Three Trees Farm. They have recently completed construction on several Rondovel structures that will be used to host pastors in training and short-term missionaries. Read up on Judea Harvest and their mission at http://judeaharvest.co.za

Upcoming mission

At Three Trees we will begin the planning process for our next trip to Zambia. The primary mission is to begin wall and roof construction for the new church in Liliachi. Liliachi is located far to the West in Zambia, near the Angola border. Its remote location does not keep it from being a strategic point for the kingdom. It has been designated the new seat for regional government of the Western Province. Construction has begun on government buildings and a 2000 student boarding school. Our church plant is the first in the area and the church planter, Patrick Wamundila has begun establishing kingdom relationships with those who will influence the area. God is years ahead of the nations. We will also continue in relationship with Reaching a Generation, and establish new relationships with Touching Africa. It is my prayer that we will be able to follow the template the Holy Spirit gave us on our last trip, starting a movement for Christ in the area that spread into Angola and the southern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This ministry is supported by the generosity of individuals and churches. Contributions can be made through World Outreach Ministries Chris and Celine #561. World Outreach Ministries is a 501(c)(3).

Checks: Make checks payable to World Outreach Ministries (WOM) and list the project name in the reference. Mail to—World Outreach Ministries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061 & indicate the project name on your check.

Bill Pay: You can set this up through your online bank. Make sure to indicate the name of the project you wish to support and add the #561.

Online Gifts: www.worldoutreach.org/donations & follow the prompts. Just search for Brennan #561 in the dropdown menu. You can also set up automatic monthly gifts by selecting the monthly option. Please indicate the project name you wish to support when you are redirected to the payment page.

If you desire to support Celine and me personally, please reference Chris and Celine #561.

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