Update, May 2017

Cape Town

“Safe Haven”
We finally arrived in Cape Town after flying from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Jedda, Jedda to Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa to Johannesburg, and from Johannesburg to Cape Town. This is the longest route we have taken to get to South Africa. We left the airport and drive down to Fish Hoek to the missions house hosted by Yebo Life known as Safe haven. The photo above is the view we enjoyed from the front of the house. We had a wonderful time of ministry in Cape Town. We were introduced to Edwin and his wife Angie who run Restoring Hands in Lavender Hill. You can read about them at https://www.yebo-life.com/blog/2017/1/10/our-relationship-with-restoring-hands. While we were with Rich and Fanus we baptized 3 people in two days and had some pretty intense prophecy laid on us. These prophecy are shaping our next steps, and we ask for prayer concerning the decisions we are about to make. Of note, I also got to hang out with and work out with my good friend Fanus. The man has become a proper beast. We squatted 120kg (265 lbs) for reps and I was able to squeeze out 20 with a lot of heaving and huffing/puffing. Fanus knocked out 21 reps without breathing heavy. I was impressed and motivated to keep pressing forward. Pictured below is our new friend and brother-in-christ Richard. We had great times running around with him and Fanus evangelizing, baptizing, and healing. We want to give a special thanks to Tony and Julie Barwick for opening Safe Haven to us.


Travel North
Our trip North (to Pretoria) was a bit of an adventure. As we traveled the alternator on our truck quit working. Because the alternator was not working properly (voltage regulator) the batteries were being overcharged. The auxiliary battery in the back overheated and begun fuming gases. We stopped and I pulled it out and taped off the connectors. The other two batteries failed as well and we had to park on hills overtime we stopped so we could roll start the car. The voltage regulator for the 24v started also failed. We were able to make the trip. On the way the highway was blocked by protestors in a town called Richmond. We stopped for lunch and the awesome power of our Lord Jesus Christ prevailed. As I sat the Spirit of the Lord drove me to the crowd. They were burning tires and converging on anyone trying to press through. The peace and boldness of the Lord took hold of me and I walked to the middle to their leader, John. I lay my hands on him and began to pray and the people fell silent. I prayed thanking the Lord that He had heard their cries, and that His mercies would rain down upon them and ease their suffering. I prayed commanded every curse be broken that has fallen among the people, and that they would be delivered from the hands of their oppressors. After the prayer I walked to a small group of men the Lord had led me to. One man had a paralyzed hand and his pinky and ring finger were clinched. I commanded them to be loosed in Jesus name and Jesus poured His blood out on the mans hand it it was instantly healed. He began moving it and saying, “unbelievable, unbelievable” over and over. I told them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and about their need to enter into His resurrection through baptism, repenting and calling on the name of the Lord. A woman came asking for prayer for night terrors and rheumatic fever. She had pain in her arms. I saw she was wearing a black band on her wrist. I took it from her and crushed it in my hand and commanded every power back to the pit and every curse broken in her life. I grabbed her hands and prayed in Jesus name and He reached out His healing hand and removed the disease. “Repent and be baptized,” I said. I prayed for their local pastor and left them with him. The Lord opened a way through a first road for us to leave, and we drove on. Some children were waiting at a fa gate and opened it for us. We are the only car to get through in the last 4 hours. Jesus Christ is all powerful and always ready to show mercy.


We got to baptize our friend Amon at the judea Harvest farm Three Trees. Dr. Louis Blooms wife, Thea, had dreamed one year before that Amon would be baptized in that bathroom and had told him such. I love how the Lord gives us little winks like that.


We are faced with a decision and are before the Lord asking for His direction. Upon our arrival in Pretoria the truck completely quit and is now in the shop. I began to see a vision in my mind, not of attacks from Satan, but of resistance by the Holy Spirit. The vision is of a lawn mower and it does not have enough power for the amount of grass being cut. As it drives forward into the grass it begins to stall and it must be pulled back before it can go forward. The Lord has spoken clearly to us that we need to stop, not ministry, but to physically stop an make a base. It is a reversal of our current way; from traveling and planning stops to stopping and planning travel. The part that is difficult is a clear message to pull back. We received and intense level of prophecy over us when in Cape Town and a portion of it had to do with increased stability. We began to ask the Lord if He is wanting us to pull back for a season. We were also praying about where the Lord wants us to stop. That evening we went to a braai with some new friends and the wife said, i see the Lord saying stability. The husband began to speak of charity in the home and an increased focus on Becky and CJ. He said go to a “safe haven.” You need to return to your “safe haven.” I admit this expression is common, but for us, in this time it actually has a very specific meaning. As you can see above, the house we stayed in in Cape Town is named “Safe Haven.” I wanted confirmation of this so I went and asked a lady here named CB to pray for us. I have always felt communion in the Spirit with her each time we have stayed here. As I began to ask her and to present our options, she said, “I am listening to you while simultaneously listening to the Spirit. I heard Cape Town.” Not yet convinced, and wanting further confirmation, Celine and I were praying for the bank manager of ABSA near Menlyn. I said we were struggling a bit and she said, “just pull back and things will fall in place.” After we prayed I thought I should ask her to pray for us and ask the Lord where He wants us to settle. She said, “Cape Town, that is what I hear.” Additionally, in a fire hose of prophecy with a group in Cape Town the lord said we will have many homes all over the world, people would open their homes to us and hat we would feel at home there, but that it is like the Lord is waiting and giving us a special and warm welcoming in Cape Town. At the time I did not know what to make of that. We just want prayer that the Lord will make a way for this and show us how because we were supposed to be going to Zambia to help finish a church there. Should we pull back now or press forward and stop afterward. Financially it does not seem possible because of repair costs. Also I have a retirement review that has come up and need to establish relationship here so that it can be accomplished. The timeline for Celine and CJ’s visas has been pressed forward because certain required documents will expire soon. Just pray that he Lord will shine His light on the path and that there will be peace as these decisions are made.

3 Comments on “Update, May 2017

  1. May the Lord speak into your situation with His plan and His will for you all. May He give you ears to hear and a heart and a mind to obey. Blessings in Christ, Mom


    • Amen to what Mom Prayed. May the Lord open the doors He wants you to go through and close the doors He wants you to pull back from. Blessings and Love Dad


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