October Update

It has been a long while since I last gave an update. May was the last checkin. The Lord has done and is doing amazing things, but I will start with our life update. We returned to Cape Town by direction of the Lord, and for good reasons as I will share later. Upon our arrival we stayed at Imhoff Camping Park again, then moved in with our friend Luella in the town of Fish Hoek. We started up a house church with her and a few other friends for equipping and building up. We spent the rest of the time looking for a place to rent around the same area. The house church has been amazing and encouraging and the Lord has spoken many amazing things. We found a place not far from Lu’s and have moved in. It is a three bedroom with a small garden and space to host. The Lord is working mightily. In the past three months so many things have happened and so many people have entered into the kingdom of God. I went on a trip to Lesotho with three guys from the house church and the entire way there there were hearings and salvations and miracles. In Ladybrand not he border of Lesotho two Chinese families came to the Lord and were baptized. The entire border post was opened to us and there were salvations and miracles there. In Lesotho a factory of 1600 workers with many healings and salvations and miracles. The Lord established a churching the home of Cindy (one of th Chinese ladies). Since then she has prayed for more than a hundred people not he streets of her town and see 18 headings by Christ through her hand. In Fish Hoek, Mitchell’s Plain, Ocean View, Sun Valley and other areas in Cape Town we and a few friends have baptized more than a hundred people and seen drug addicts, alcoholics, and others with various forms of bondage set free not he side of the road. We prayed for a man high on drugs who had schizophrenia and baptized him of the side of the road and lay hands on him to receive the Holy Spirit and he is free. When we found him he could not speak or open his eyes, when Jesus finished he was walking down the street with us talking. Next month we are going to a meeting where 80 women want to hear about salvation because a brand new, baby  Christian shared her testimony with everyone she knows and they all want Jesus now. Long story short, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, and His people; children of God clothed int he righteousness of Christ and filled with His Holy Spirit are the same as the early church in the book of Acts. Every single day people are baptized, receive the Holy Spirit and freedom. Just Sunday we were worshipping in our house with friends and a man came to fellowship with us. The Holy Spirit came on him and a demon in him cried out, “You are so powerful! So powerful! So powerful!” and the Spirit of the Lord said through him, “Pray!” He was set free that hour, was baptized and received the Holy Spirit. I just came back from speaking on CCFM radio here in Cape Town with three other friends. We share Christ and prayed for people calling in. Yesterday we baptized to waitress over lunch. Jesus is alive, He is real, He is all powerful, and He brings true freedom. We have been through hospitals praying for the sick and baptizing them in their hospital beds. Jesus is unstoppable.

What is next?
The Lord has raised and elite team of men and women walking in the freedom and identity of Jesus Christ. Thy know His part and they know His purposes. We are establishing churches here in Cape Town according to the blueprint of Jesus Christ. Then we are going to other nations to lay foundation sin believers there. If you want to partner with this then pray. Hear what the Holy Spirit is saying and do it. There are many here who have outright quit their jobs and are walking in kingdom favor and operating in the freedom of Christ with the inheritance of the children of God. You are also welcome to come and walk with us in freedom.

How are we?
All are well. Those of you who knew CJ and Becky would no longer recognize them. Becky shared in church the other day and prayed of the ,and deliverance. CJ heals the sick on a regular basis and gives words of knowledge and speaks the gospel in boldness. We are in Christ and we are in His joy and peace.

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