Trip to Zambia and on to Angola

Internet is scarce in this area. We are having a break in Livingstone for a few days before heading north and then west into the eastern Angola. There are ten of us on this trip; a few more people than I am used to traveling with. So far about 1000 people have repented, agreeing to be restored to a position of obedient relationship with the Father. They have been baptized into Jesus Christ, putting Him on (Galatians 3:27), becoming clothes in His righteousness and salvation. They have asked and received the Holy Spirit, and have been shown how to walk in obedience. Many have been healed,and have healed others. Many hav been delivered, and delivered others; all in the powerful name of and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

It is a long drive to Western Zambia. There is more work to do here, and a bridge has been built for others to follow. Near further work is in Angola and the Southern portions of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have been offered land on a river that feeds into the Zambezi. God willing, we will receive a hammer mill ($4600) and exchange it for the land, partnering in the farming. With the land we will make a meeting place (equipping and building up – church) and rest spot for preparation for work north, west, and east. If anyone has peace in their heart and direction from the Holy Spirit to help, then please do.

Chris and Celine

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