Look at the Church Differently

When we quit seeing the church as an organization and see it as Spirit, and One in Christ, these arguments over whether “this person or that can come to our church” will cease. The church is built by Christ Who designed it in such away that it is meant to come into contact with sinners. This is why He sends us out, equipped to bring sinners into the light so that they can be assimilated into His body by the Spirit, not a membership form. Light has no fellowship with darkness. No sinner can enter into the body of Christ, because sin does not exist in Christ. They cannot be in Him without repenting and washing their sins away.

Use fellowship, not as a tool of evangelism, but as participation in the Spirit, to worship God, to remember Jesus and what He accomplished by breaking bread with one another, and for equipping each for the work of bringing Life to the dead.

It is not us who determine or allow membership in the body of Christ, it is God the Father Who causes membership when, through His great mercy, He causes them to be born again into a glorious inheritance, which is not here on earth, but kept for us in heaven, in His dwelling place, not made with human hands, built by Christ from living stones. Quit being afraid of sinners and copy Jesus Christ Who spent His time going to sinners. It is not about good or bad or level of good or bad, it is about Life! Bring them life in the power of the endless Life!

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