The Power of an Endless Life

“Who hath been made. . . after the power of an endless life” (Hebrews 7:18).

What can One Who abides in the power of endless life; Who is also the source of that endless life, wrought in you? In the power of an endless life He offered Himself once for all, and for all time. In the power of an endless life He destroyed sin, and He destroyed death; and in the Spirit, if you abide there, He has already destroyed temptations to sin, because it is finished, and He Who sits on the throne has sent His angels and “they will weed out of His kingdom every cause of sin and all who practice lawlessness” (Matthew 13:42). Does this mean that these temptations cease to exist now? Yes, and no. They remain for those who are being saved, but they become something altogether different for those who are redeemed. Instead of, for example, seeing a person as the source of temptation and looking away, see the source of the temptation behind that person and see the person as Christ sees them, and set them free. They cease to be a source of temptation to others, because they become a child of the light. This is why we are here; not to participate with darkness, but to bring darkness into the light that it may be saved, healed, and delivered.

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