We have been called by Christ to pioneer movements to the unreached people groups of the earth. We accomplish this through the organization and activation of new believers helping them to apply knowledge in obedience and by equipping them for service and teaching them how to apply the Word of God in everyday life. We want every believer to be obedient and to grow in every spiritual gift so that they are built up into the fullness of Christ and become active in the expansion of the kingdom of God. Our primary goal is for them to be active for the kingdom, expanding it in their area of influence.

What we do:


All true hope is found in Jesus Christ. We share hope by giving people the gospel of peace, bringing them into the presence of God, and demonstrating His love and His power. Hope is the beginning of faith, and as we share the hope found in Jesus, He confirms His trustworthy nature through His power to break the chains of spiritual bondage and destroying all the works of the devil.


Jesus Christ is the perfect imprint of the nature of God. If we desire to know the nature of the Lord, and His willingness to care for us, we need look no further than the life of Christ. Jesus Christ, taught, preached the gospel of the kingdom, healed the sick, and drove out demons; giving people perfect freedom. He has given us His Holy Spirit and directed us to continue His work. When we have preached the gospel with boldness, we firmly believe in the promise of Jesus Christ to confirm His word of grace through His healing hand and through signs and wonders.


We activate disciples of Christ for kingdom work by equipping them for service through biblical teaching, and demonstrations of faith in Jesus, trust in the promises of God and the power of the gospel through Jesus Christ. We seek to move believers from knowledge to obedience by showing them the application of the power of the gospel and the Holy Spirit in the context of their own personal ministry.


Jesus prayed four times in John 17 that those who believe would be one in Him as He is one with the Father (John 17:11, 21, 22, 23). The Church must be one, work as one, pray as one, with various branches free to function as individual parts of the Body (Romans 12:4-5). Partnerships achieve this, as each organization has a distinct calling that complements the others, and each act as a force multiplier to the others. By leveraging the strengths of each organization for kingdom purposes, the Church will advance quickly and boldly, claiming territory for Christ, setting people free, and demolishing every stronghold by the power of the Gospel, led by the Spirit, and in the name of Jesus


Everything culminates in disciples of Jesus Christ, in active obedience,  bearing witness to His goodness and mercy, sharing His love with the lost, and expanding His kingdom in their sphere of influence. What did Jesus do for you and who are you going to tell about it? We teach every believer to evangelize, give testimony, baptize, drive out demons, heal the sick, and disciple others while listening to the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the Word, all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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