Born Again?

I want to challenge a commonly held view concerning baptism and salvation. I will use the Word of God and a few varying commentaries. Go to the Word and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the necessity of baptism, and what its purpose is. Baptism is not a symbol, it is a miracle by which we [...]

Test the word (teaching) and the Spirit Behind the word (teaching)

I have posted this for that person whom puts their trust into a man, to do all the work of understanding scripture for them. We are all to test every word, and to test the spirit in which the word is given, lest we be deceived. This is also a warning for teachers: if you [...]


How Can we Take the Word of God Seriously?

How can we take the Word seriously when He says contradictory things? The first thing to understand is that He says nothing that is contradictory, having declared “the Scriptures cannot be broken [λυθῆναι - destroyed by breaking into pieces]” (John 10:35). This is shown in Christ’s death on the cross. The Word cannot be divided [...]

His Sheep Hear His Voice

The time continues to come and is now here. We need only believe in the power of the Word of God. This power and this Word are love, and this love destroys every work of the evil one. When we boldly declare this Word it crushes the head of the serpent. We need to understand [...]

Chris Pratt

It brings some light tears to my eyes to see men stand and make a statement of faith; being a witness for Christ in their area of influence. I think Chris Pratt did very well in this speech, and, though he could have said the name Jesus, I am sure everyone knew exactly Who he [...]

Freefall into the Battlefield

What am I seeking to achieve? It’s like transitioning operators from the range to the shoot-house. They are magnificent shots already, but the change in environment, from linear to asymmetric, brings a level of intimidation to bear. Suddenly, they are required to assess an open, 360 degree environment, discern what to shoot and not, while [...]