Nick Callum and Expedition Lighting Systems

I wanted to thank Nick Callum of Expedition Lighting Systems (ELS) for his continued support of our mission. Nick has been promoting our site on the IH8MUD forum and we have been receiving many guests because of his efforts. We and the charities we support are very grateful for Nick's contributions. If you haven't read [...]


New charity!

We are representing a new charity:Warfighter Made was founded by Brian Meyer, Butch Lynch, and Robert Blanton. While I personally have not been helped by this organization I am a friend and Recon Brother of Robert Blanton. I met Rob at 1st Force Recon Co. While we were in different platoons, he and I deployed [...]

Roof Rack Update

Shane from LabRak, after an hour and a half at FedEx, was finally able to ship the Custom Designed 80-series Modular Roof Rack in 13 separate boxes. A few weeks ago I had a conversation on the phone with Shane, and with George and Nick from Expedition Lighting Systems (ELS). The two companies needed to work together [...]