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Thank you to those of you who have supported the fund to send a warrior on a life-changing journey. Your generosity will go towards marked mental and emotional healing for one of our service members. We greatly appreciate you. I would also like to… Continue Reading “Supporters”

New Sponsor!

We are working out the last few details with Taubenreuther GmbH to outfit our truck for us. After searching Germany and a few surrounding countries for a company capable of professionally outfitting a Land Cruiser for an African overland trip, we discovered Taubenreuther. Their… Continue Reading “New Sponsor!”

New Pictures Posted

Check out the photos from my trip to Botswana on the “Warrior Safari” Page. I am uploading a video as well, but it takes a bit of time. Thank you for your patience.

Vehicle Lighting Sponsor

We contacted Expedition Lighting Systems (ELS) in the United States to discuss their vehicle light bars. ELS is a startup company that we feel has the values we are looking for in a sponsor. They are honest, straightforward, professional and caring. They have an… Continue Reading “Vehicle Lighting Sponsor”

The Truck – Why this one?

1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon GX (United Kingdom) Model: HDJ80R-GNMEWW Powertrain: 1HD-FT, 24 Valve, Turbo-Charged Diesel, in-line 6-Cylinder, 4164cc Engine; Manual Gearbox; Front, Center, and Rear Manual Locking Differentials There are many powerful and durable trucks in the world. I had to wade through… Continue Reading “The Truck – Why this one?”