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Merzouga to Zagora: Crossing a part of the Sahara (Part 2)

Upon leaving Merzouga and the sands of Erg Chebbi we wanted to travel through the desert West to Zagora. All of the locals stated emphatically that it is an easy trip and that it could be done in one day, but that we should… Continue Reading “Merzouga to Zagora: Crossing a part of the Sahara (Part 2)”

Sand Trials (Part 1) – Erg Chebbi

We headed to Merzouga, which lies next to Erg Chebbi, the site of the famous Saharan sand dunes. We arrived a La Petit Princess camp site right at the edge of the dunes. There was no cash machine in Merzouga so we had to… Continue Reading “Sand Trials (Part 1) – Erg Chebbi”

Roof Rack

Roof Rack Update

Shane from LabRak, after an hour and a half at FedEx, was finally able to ship the Custom Designed 80-series Modular Roof Rack in 13 separate boxes. A few weeks ago I had a conversation on the phone with Shane, and with George and Nick… Continue Reading “Roof Rack Update”


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