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Battery System Update

UPDATE: The Optima batteries have been exactly what we need. They were completely depleted during the shipping process and I was able to roll-start the truck and recharge both batteries and the auxiliary battery with only the alternator. I purchased a CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger… Continue Reading “Battery System Update”

Carnet de Passage en Douane

Update: The CAA has stopped issuing the Carnet in North America. As of October 30, 2015, “Good day Chris. I hope this finds you well. You might not have heard that Suzanne has retired since we closed our Carnet operation. Also we expect to… Continue Reading “Carnet de Passage en Douane”

Nick Callum and Expedition Lighting Systems

I wanted to thank Nick Callum of Expedition Lighting Systems (ELS) for his continued support of our mission. Nick has been promoting our site on the IH8MUD forum and we have been receiving many guests because of his efforts. We and the charities we… Continue Reading “Nick Callum and Expedition Lighting Systems”

Merzouga to Zagora: Crossing a part of the Sahara (Part 2)

Upon leaving Merzouga and the sands of Erg Chebbi we wanted to travel through the desert West to Zagora. All of the locals stated emphatically that it is an easy trip and that it could be done in one day, but that we should… Continue Reading “Merzouga to Zagora: Crossing a part of the Sahara (Part 2)”

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