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Oxford to Cape Town overland

Oxford to Cape Town in a Land Cruiser Why? It’s for charity. Chris Brennan, a former Marine and disabled veteran, and Celine Makolla, a biologist with a heart for children, are embarking on an overland journey across Europe and Africa to draw attention to charities that… Continue Reading “Oxford to Cape Town overland”

The Truck


Recovery equipment is vital when traveling off improved surfaces. The further you go and the less improve the surface is the higher chance there is of getting stuck due to all of the variables that may be involved. Even a dirt path can become… Continue Reading “Recovery”

Part One: “Getting Through”

Part one of two excellent videos recommended to me by Pieter J du Preez from the Land Cruiser Club of Southern Africa. Put on your butterfly collar, large round sunglasses, puff your hair, and throw on some gold chains! The information is solid, so… Continue Reading “Part One: “Getting Through””

The drop

This past weekend we drove the truck and a car down to Kulmbach. We dropped the car at Taubenreuther and headed into the Czech Republic for some cheap down hill skiing, cross country skiing, swimming, and sauna action; great food, great accommodations, and great… Continue Reading “The drop”