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Refrigerator/Freezer Consideration

More on the fridge later, but in the meantime, enjoy this video about the ARB fridge/freezer we are looking at for the truck. In particular I like the lid removal, drain plug, ability to unplug and use as cooler, and the positioning of the… Continue Reading “Refrigerator/Freezer Consideration”

Sponsor – ELS- post on IH8MUD.com

Sponsor – ELS- post on IH8MUD.com A post on IH8MUD from our sponsor, Expedition Lighting Systems. Thanks ELS.

Roof Rack

We and ELS are working with LabRak to design our roof storage and lighting needs. Both companies have been extremely giving, professional, and outgoing. They are as excited to help as we are to go. I had a conference call with them on Saturday so they could ask about… Continue Reading “Roof Rack”

Suspension, Coils and Steering Damper

The suspension system we have chosen is the Koni Heavy Track Raid series. It, along with the coils and damper were installed by Marcus Berg at Land Cruiser Services in Schwerte, Germany. Koni’s head office is in The Netherlands, and it owns subsidiaries in Germany, France, and the United States. Koni… Continue Reading “Suspension, Coils and Steering Damper”

Progress notes

I’ll be updating progress and some of the equipment decisions this week. Most likely, much of it will be written tomorrow. Topics include a new sponsor and some of the equipment we will be testing. Highlights: Expedition Lighting Systems light bars (as previously mentioned)… Continue Reading “Progress notes”